Böker Scout Cronidur

logo-boekerLast week i finally bought myself a new pocket knife, because everybody will need a little friend when the world is finally going to end and everybody is fighting for survival in the ruins of civilization.
After consulting some reviews, boards and links i decided to go with the Böker Scout Cronidur.

Fact Time:

Böker is a german manufacturer of knifes, based in the “City of Blades” Solingen, Germany and traces back to the 17th century as a tool and sword maker. So one should think these dudes know how to make good blades.
While most knifes today are made of 440C stainless steel, the Scout Cronidur is made of a special steel called Cronidur-30. This pressure-nitrided steel is highly corrosive resistant and offers superior toughness up to HRC60 on the Rockwell scale by replacing the carbon in the steel with nitrogen. It is/was otherwise used for high stressed parts in the aerospace industry or the fuel pumps in the Space Shuttle.

The Knife:

Now, on to the unboxing! The knife came in a nice black box with the big logo of Böker on top. It gave me a good feeling of exclusivity, but the only thing that i wasn’t really impressed with was the thin rubber band holding the knife as it looked rather flimsy.

DSCF7340 DSCF7341

Inside the box there was the knife inside a nice transport baggy thingie, a quality-control seal and the warranty sheet and form. Böker offers life-long warranty on all products if you send in the warranty form.

DSCF7342 DSCF7344

The workmanship of the knife is exceptionable. Everything is very solid, buttery smooth with a hefty weight behind it. All corners and surfaces are clean processed and there are no unnecessary gaps or wanky edges.

DSCF7348 DSCF7345

With a blade length of 8cm and a weight of 160 grams this thing is not a toy. You can again see the company logo and the Cronidur-30 lettering nicely etched on the side of the blade.  The blade is VERY sharp, you can easily shave yourself with it.  Then again the edge looks like it is a hollow grind, so i can only hope it stays that way for a long time to come. We shall see ;)
The handle is made of grenadill, some sort of african blackwood. It is a very dense and tough wood with very good moisture repellent qualities. And again, you can find a company logo inlay on the handle.

Over all i am quite happy and satisfied with the overall feeling and handling of the blade. I am a little bit concerned with the hollow grind, as such edges can get dull very fast. The high quality cronidur-30 steel should hopefully keep it sharp for a long time.
It comes with a hefty price tag of €160,- but judging from the quality of the material and craftsmanship, you are getting a life-long companion for your money, fulfilling all your cutting needs :)

China Quality Electronics

Soo.. my boss recently acquired some USB sticks from china. Big storage space for little money? wow, count me in… NOT!
This is another fine example, how far one can trust chinese electronics.

Meet the 8GB high tech USB stick that can store 512GB data!

If you want to test your china hardware but don’t want to disassemble the whole thing  you can use the H2testw utility to easily determine if your stick is fraud or real.

..where no Umlüx has gone before!